We are so proud of the programs we have been able to create to support our animals and enrich their lives as they wait for their forever homes.  Take a look at the exciting work our staff and volunteers are developing.

FOHA’s FIV Cat Program

By Alison Maurhoff | November 27, 2020

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) was discovered in 1986 and is a feline only virus. It is primarily transmitted through a deep, penetrating bite (FIV cat to Non-FIV cat) where the…

FOHA Launches New Corporate Matching Gift Program

By Alison Maurhoff | November 19, 2020

Does your employer match any donations you make to FOHA? Do they make a donation for the hours you volunteer? Not sure where to even start finding answers to these questions? We have…

Featured FOHA Program – Tails to Trails

By Alison Maurhoff | August 19, 2020

Every weekend a dedicated group of senior volunteers takes several lucky, eager dogs away from the shelter and out to wooded trails for a walk and a short break from…