Since 1973, more than 16,000 dogs and cats have found a safe haven and second chance at life and love at Friends of Homeless Animals. Each year, FOHA places hundreds of cats and dogs into their new forever homes. Most have been transported from other parts of Virginia and Maryland where shelters are crowded, adoptions are less frequent and the animals seeking adoption are high. Giving these animals the time they need to find their new family is our top priority. 

Financial Statements

Annual Organization Impact


  • Total Intake: Cats/Kittens= 130
  • Total Intake: Dogs/Puppies= 349
  • Total Adoptions: Cat/Kittens= 103
  • Total Adoptions: Dogs/Puppies= 331
  • Average Shelter Days at Shelter Cats= 100 days
  • Average Shelter Days at Shelter Dogs= 40 days


  • Total Intake: Cats/Kittens= 68
  • Total Intake: Dogs/Puppies= 267
  • Total Adoptions: Cat/Kittens= 67
  • Total Adoptions: Dogs/Puppies= 290
  • Average Shelter Days at Shelter Cats= 70 days
  • Average Shelter Days at Shelter Dogs= 47 days


  • Total Intake: Cats/Kittens= 80
  • Total Intake: Dogs/Puppies= 224
  • Total Adoptions: Cat/Kittens= 110
  • Total Adoptions: Dogs/Puppies= 256
Copy of FOHA Annual Expenses
Cost of Vet Procedures