Previously Adopted FOHA Animals

We are sorry that something isn’t working out with your adopted FOHA pet.  We appreciate you following the clause in your adoption contract stipulating that animals are returned to FOHA if something isn’t working out.  You are encouraged to review the additional content below to possibly help address your immediate concerns with your adopted pet.  If you feel you can no longer care for your pet or need more assistance, please contact us right away and we will work with you to address the issues you are encountering and determine next steps.

Previously adopted FOHA cat or dog, please Contact Us.

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Pets That Were Not Adopted from FOHA

Adopting a pet means taking responsibility for it for life. So giving up an animal should not be taken lightly; animals bond very strongly to humans and the longer a pet has lived with you, the stronger their bond will be and the greater the pain of abandonment they will feel. 

FOHA is a limited-intake, non-profit, no-kill shelter whose mission is to rescue abandoned and abused animals. We visit other shelters in the area looking for pets suitable for rehoming that have run out of time or need medical care that they would not otherwise receive (e.g. heartworm treatment). Most of our pets are transferred from these shelters. The remaining animals at FOHA are accepted on a case-by-case basis.

FOHA receives numerous inquiries or pleas from people wanting to surrender or give up a pet. Unfortunately, like most other shelters throughout the country, it is impossible for us to accommodate all requests. We would like to offer alternatives to surrender that will keep your loving family member in your home. Make sure you have explored all of your options for keeping your pet before you make this difficult decision. Below is some information we have pulled together to help you during this time.  

If you would like FOHA to consider your dog, please fill out our Surrender a Dog Inquiry Form.

If you would like for FOHA to consider your cat, please use our Contact Us Form to submit your request..