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Black Cat Ball

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Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, female, kitten

I’m Matilda, the only sister in the “Roald Dahl” litter. I’m named for the 5 and ½-year-old prankster protagonist who loves to read. As a kitten, I’m’ not much of a reader – but I like if you read to me! I also love hanging with my brot…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, female, adult - declawed

Watching from the corners of the cattery, the black panther named Mickey (that’s me) surveys the land. I’m quietly observing, waiting for the purr-fect adopter for a special girl like me. Observant as can be, I watch each new …

Microwave (aka Mike)

Up for Adoption

No house is complete with this time-saving – and in my case fun-making – appliance – Microwave! Now, that may seem like a strange name, but I’m a unique boy. I have a “twin” brother Whiskers and another brother, Scooter, but I like to stand out in a crowd. I’m a very loving kitty who loves attent…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, male, senior

Eenie, Meeny, Miney – no! Look no further. You can stop at Miney. No “Mo” needed. See, my name is Miney, and I’m a sweet boy with quite the story. See, I lived outside for many years in a feral colony with loving caregivers. In the past y…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, male, adult

I’m ready in my finest tuxedo, ready to venture out to my new forever home. I’m Morty. My sweet disposition demonstrates how much I love people and being an indoor kitty. When living outdoors, life was not easy. You can see from my ears th…