Hello! My name is


Female12.8 lbs
Status Available to Adopt
  • Breed Domestic Shorthair
  • Age 4yrs 1mos
  • Location At Shelter
  • Color Black and White
  • Foster Eligible Yes

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Meet Miley

Hey there, I’m Miley.

I bring a calm and composed demeanor that adds tranquility and grace to your life. Life is a journey, and I’m here to journey alongside you, offering companionship and a serene presence, without the need to climb mountains.

With an affectionate and loving nature, I’m ready to wrap around you like a warm hug, offering gentle headbutts, soothing purrs, and steadfast companionship. While I may not be one to party hard, I’ll be a constant and steady presence in your life, providing a peaceful oasis with my calming demeanor and serene energy.

In a world that’s always moving, I offer you a piece of heaven with my black and white coat and serene personality, reminding you of the beauty in peaceful moments.

If you’re seeking a calm and loving companion, consider adopting me, Miley. Together, let’s create a life of serenity and contentment.