Status: Adopted

Breed: Domestic short hair

Gender: Female

Domestic short hair, female, kitten

“C”. “C” is for Chloe. Yep, that’s my name! “C” is also for cat – that’s what I am! Well, I’m a kitten now, but I’m going to grow up to be a beautiful tabby cat. “C” also stands for cuddles—which I L-O-V-E! Cuddles and belly rubs top my list! “C” is also the first letter a new word I just learned—cavort. That means running around and playing and jumping and frolicking and, well, generally being a kitten! “C” is also for crew—like a dance crew or squad. In my case, I’m looking for that family-type of crew, someone who will adopt me and make me a beloved part of their family. At FOHA, we call that a forever family. So while my favorite letter might be “C”, “F” for forever family for a fanciful feline is also a top contender.

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- No Children Under 12 - No Children

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