Status: Adopted

Breed: Domestic short hair

Gender: Male

Domestic short hair, male, adult

Did you enjoy the summer Olympics in 2016? Then you’re going to love the feline Olympics of 2017. Our host country – Friends of Homeless Animals right here in Northern Virginia. Our athletes – well, I can tell you about one – that’s me, Charlie! I’m a triathlete – which means I compete in three events. The first event – freestyle wrestling! I’m love some good paw to paw combat with playful feline friends. My second event – track and field. I love to run around and around. Now, at the human Olympics, athletes run on a track. Me, I just run and jump on whatever I can find – so think more freestyle Parkour than traditional track and field. See, as a kitty awaiting a forever home, I have to make do with the training facilities I have available to me. My third event is the one I’m focused the majority of my time and energy now at present, and that’s finding an adoptive home to love me. I promise to be a gold medal star in loving my forever family. I train extensively daily on being cute and adorable and playful. Come see me in training and I’m sure you’ll be rooting for me – and maybe you’ll be the lucky one to adopt your very own Olympian!

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