Status: Inactive

Breed: Domestic short hair

Gender: Male

Domestic short hair, male, adult

I’m leading man material hoping to star in a cinematic masterpiece called “A Forever Home: Bogart’s Story.” I’m Bogart, a handsome black and white cat with a touch of color to me – my super-cute pink nose.  Like the actor for whom I’m named, I’m a uniquely, ruggedly handsome man who is popular with the ladies – although I’ve not been married nearly as many times as that legendary actor. Humphrey Bogart was known for being a bit difficult on set and certainly outspoken. Me, I can be difficult to film only because when you’re trying to take my photograph or video, I’m trying to crawl up in your lap and snuggle up against you for pets. While I make friends human easily, I’m not a member of a “Rat Pack” but a “Cat Pack” here at FOHA, living in the FOHA cattery while I wait for my family to discover me here. While most cats live communally and have access to food all the time, I have a room all to myself because I'm on a special diet of only wet food, no dry food. That's because I had problematic digestive issues and something called megacolon (which means I was super constipated). So I need lots of yummy moist food to make sure my plumbing continues to work correctly! I like having a room to myself because people come to visit me, and I climb up into their laps or let them pick me up for snuggles, and I don't have to compete with any of the other cats for their attention. If you are paying attention to someone other than me, you just might hear me meow as if to say, "yo, over here! Now let’s go home!”

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Bogart is sponsored by Caroleigh Karlsson: Bogart is sponsored by Caroleigh Karlsson: Bogart is sponsored by Tim Beaudoin: In Memory of Oreo Bogart is sponsored by Tim Beaudoin: In Memory of Oreo

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