Hello! My name is


Male50 lbs
Status Available to Adopt
  • Breed Husky
  • Age 1yrs 2mos
  • Location At Shelter
  • Color Brown and Tan
  • Foster Eligible Yes

Good with Dogs


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Meet Saffron

**Saffron: The Adventure-Seeking Husky**

Hey there! I’m Saffron, the dashing, blue-eyed husky on a quest for fun and excitement! If you’re looking for a loyal companion with a playful spirit, you’ve found your match.

I’ve been told I’m quite the handsome fellow, with striking blue eyes that can melt anyone’s heart. I’m all about keeping the family entertained with my antics and energy. Treats are my weakness, though I might voice my opinions loudly if you’re a bit slow with the delivery—I’m not shy about expressing myself with some husky-style complaining!

I’ve mastered a few commands like “sit” and “drop,” and I’m eager to learn more. Getting my collar on can be a bit of a sensitive affair for me, and sometimes I get a little mouthy. 

In my previous home, I had a bit of a startle from a neighbor grabbing my collar that led to a nip when I was left to run free.  So I’m looking for a patient family who is committed to consistently working with me on my impulse control and keeping me safe in a secure, fenced yard.  I want to be the best dog I can be, and with consistent and patient guidance, I know I’ll get there.

My friends at FOHA (Friends of Homeless Animals) are ready to help my new family with tips and techniques, like teaching me patience with sit duration and a relaxation protocol – and plenty of treats for a job well done!  With their support, I’m on the path to becoming a great, well-mannered gentleman.

I’ve got a lot of love for my canine pals, but I can be a bit enthusiastic in my play style, which not all dogs appreciate. Toys are my jam—I’ll happily swap one for another during a game of toss, or engage in a thrilling round of fetch or tug of war.

When it comes to affection, I’m all in. Butt scritches, pets, and belly rubs are my absolute favorites—I’ll even trade you a goofy husky grin for some extra attention.

Now, about those cats… Let’s just say I’ve got a bit of a playful streak when it comes to chasing them, so a feline-free home might be the best fit for me.

If you’re ready for adventures, laughter, and lots of love, I’m your husky! Let’s embark on this journey together—I promise it’ll be a tail-wagging good time! 🐾