FOHA takes great pride in our organization, our staff, our community and our volunteers. We require that our volunteers conduct themselves in a manner that all times reflects their commitment to FOHA and the safety and well being of the animals and the people at the shelter. Each volunteer is required to sign a Volunteer Agreement, which contains our Code of Conduct, before starting any volunteer opportunities at FOHA.

FOHA Code of Conduct

  1. I agree to conduct myself in a professional manner while participating in volunteer activities at FOHA or otherwise representing FOHA, including social media, and to adhere to the following code of conduct: 
  • I will treat the FOHA animals with compassion and tenderness. No mistreatment of the animals will be tolerated. 
  • I will treat potential adopters, volunteers, staff, and the visiting public with respect and courtesy. I will not speak disrespectfully of shelter patrons, other volunteers, shelter management,staff, the FOHA board, other shelters, or animal control agencies while representing FOHA. 
  • I will follow all rules and obey all boundaries and instructions set forth by FOHA Management and staff while at the shelter, the Treasure Hound, or while representing FOHA at off-site or public events. 
  • Except in the case of an emergency, I will refrain from removing or moving any animals or equipment from the FOHA premises without prior consent from FOHA shelter staff or FOHA management. 
  • Each time I come to the shelter to volunteer, I will sign the FOHA Volunteer Sign-in Log. 
  • I will respect the independence and authority of volunteers serving on a particular team. I will not interfere or otherwise undermine another volunteer or staff member’s work. 
  • I will refrain from spreading inappropriate or false information respecting the shelter to fellow volunteers, staff, or the public. 
  • I will immediately report to FOHA senior management any serious misconduct, inappropriate behavior, or allegations of financial or other malfeasance respecting the shelter. 
  • I will report all incidents, injuries, animal bites, fire, theft, or unusual incidents occurring at the shelter to appropriate authorities and/or to FOHA management immediately after  discovery. 
  • I will treat FOHA facilities and equipment with respect and care. I will not tamper with computers, safety measures or devices such as fire alarms or extinguishers, exit signs, emergency phone systems, smoke or heat detectors, security systems, and locked exterior doors. 
  • I will deal fairly with FOHA colleagues, staff members, visitors, volunteers, etc., without regard to their gender, race, ethnicity, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation, marital status, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, military status, veteran status, handicap, or disability. 
  • I will refrain from bringing onto FOHA’s property any dangerous materials such as explosives, firearms, weapons, or other similar items. 
  • I will refrain from any handling or care of FOHA animals while under the influence of alcohol, narcotics, or any other intoxicating substance. 

Volunteer Agreement Example

FOHA Volunteer Agreement September 2021