Make and Donate Enrichment Toys for Cats and Dogs

Browse the ideas below to create enrichment toys for the animals at FOHA. This is only a short list and additional ideas can be found on Pinterest.

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Sock Toys

Using an old sock, place either an empty water bottle or a tennis ball into the sock. Knot the sock on both sides of the bottle or ball. If using a water bottle, be sure to remove the cap first.

Treat Digger

To create a Treat Digger, use toilet paper and paper towel rolls, cut to varying sizes. Glue the rolls into a small box. Place a few treats and watch the cats dig for treats.

Snack Packs

Using toilet paper and paper towel rolls, place a few pieces of dog or cat food into the tube and add a treat. Fold the ends of the tube. For cats, cut a hole into the tube so that as it rolls the treats fall out.

Puzzle Box

Create a destruction box with a small sized box like a shoe box. Fill the box with ripped up pieces of newspaper or packing paper. Hide a few treats in the layers of paper.

Catnip Soup Bags

Pour catnip and toys (balls, mice, wine corks) into a plastic bag and shake well. After at least a hour, the toys will absorb the catnip smell.

Snuffle Mats

The snuffle mats can act as a slow feeder or just mental stimulation during enrichment time.  All you need is fleece and a sink mat. Click here for instructions.

Rope Toys

Rope toys can be made using old t-shirts or fleece. Cut into strips and knot the top. Braid the strips and knot the end.

Rolling Toys

Decorate plastic easter eggs or ping pong balls with permanent markers.

Items to Collect

Many items can be saved to create toys at a later date. Here are just a few: toilet paper/paper towel rolls, cardboard egg cartons, and empty yogurt cups.

Ready to drop off items?

To schedule a time to drop items off at the shelter, please send a message from our Contact Us Page. Select Kids and Teens Projects in the drop down.