Hello! My name is


Female40 lbs
Status Pending Adoption
  • Breed Boxer Mix
  • Age 1yrs 2mos
  • Location In Regular Foster Care
  • Color Brown and White
  • Foster Eligible Yes

Lucky me!

I already have a pending adoption! Please take a look at some of my other friends who are still available for adoption.

Meet Tessa

Woof, woof! Hey there, awesome human! I’m Tessa, your soon-to-be best four-legged friend. Let me tell you a bit about this pawsitively fabulous life of mine!

First things first, I’m a playgroup superstar at the shelter. Yep, that’s right—I’m the one who brings the fun to the canine party! Playing with my furry pals is my jam, and I’m pretty sure I’ve mastered the art of making every playdate a tail-wagging success.

Now, let’s talk about my social skills. I’m not just a dog’s dog; I’m a people-dog too! I’ve “never met a stranger,” and I’m always up for making new friends. Humans are cool, and cuddling on the couch is my idea of a perfect time. Movie night, anyone?

Oh, did I mention treats? Treats are the key to my heart! I’m a bit of a treat connoisseur, and if you ask me to show you my best “sit,” you better believe I’ll do it for a tasty reward. I’m a quick learner, especially when there are yummy treats involved.

But here’s the real scoop—I’m not just a ball of energy; I’ve got a heart as big as my wagging tail. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and I’m here to spread joy and love. If you’re looking for a furry sidekick who’s up for adventures, cuddles, and everything in between, I’m your girl.

So, what do you say? Let’s make memories together. Come meet me at the shelter, and let’s see if we’re a pawfect match. I’ve got a whole lot of love and tail wags waiting just for you! 🐾❤️