Hello! My name is


Female48.6 lbs
Status Available to Adopt
  • Breed Hound Mix
  • Age 1yrs 5mos
  • Location At Shelter
  • Color White and Black
  • Foster Eligible Yes

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Meet Piper

🐾 Meet Piper! 🐾

Hey there, future best friend! My name is Piper, and I’m a young pup in search of a patient and loving home. If you’re ready to embark on a journey of teaching and adventure, then I’m the furry companion you’ve been waiting for!

As a young pup, I’m still learning the ropes of life. I might not know all the tricks just yet, but with your patience and guidance, I promise to be a quick learner. Teaching me new tricks will be an exciting and rewarding experience for both of us. Together, we can conquer the world of tricks and training, one step at a time!

One thing’s for sure, I’ve got energy to spare! I’m a ball of enthusiasm, and I’m always ready to explore and discover new things. From long walks to playful romps in the park, I’ll keep you on your toes and ensure that you never have a dull moment. If you’re an active individual or family who enjoys adventure and physical activities, we’re a match made in heaven!

Speaking of exploring, I absolutely love to sniff out new scents and investigate my surroundings. Whether it’s the park, the beach, or even just the backyard, every nook and cranny is an exciting treasure trove waiting to be discovered. With me as your four-legged explorer, you’ll always have a partner in crime who is eager to sniff out new adventures.

Now, here’s the thing—I’m still learning how to play. I haven’t quite mastered all the games just yet, but with your help, I’m confident we can figure it out together. Whether it’s fetch, tug of war, or any other playful activity, I’m eager to learn and have a blast by your side. Patience and understanding are the keys to unlocking my playful spirit!

If you’re a patient and loving individual or family who is ready to guide a young and energetic pup through the world of tricks, exploration, and play, then I’m the perfect match for you. Together, we’ll embark on an incredible journey of growth, love, and endless tail wags. So, what are you waiting for? Come meet me, and let’s start creating memories that will last a lifetime!