Hello! My name is


Female11 lbs
Status Available to Adopt
  • Breed Domestic Short Hair (DSH)
  • Age 5yrs 9mos
  • Location At Shelter
  • Color Black & White
  • Foster Eligible No

Interested in adopting Oreo?

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Meet Oreo

One of my favorite people at FOHA calls me, “Mystery Woman Oreo.”  I guess it’s cause I have an unknown past that caused me to be really fearful. I’d love a forever home with someone to love and to love me back.  That family would have to be really special, just like me. Once we know each other, when you enter my room and I will talk up a storm with you hoping you will sit on my couch.

I can sum myself up pretty easily, I have my likes and my dislikes.  If you understand just those two things, we could be besties!  Please see below!

Likes: My people. FOOD OF ANY KIND.  Sitting next to you. Smelling your shoes so I know all the places you’ve been. Snuggling between your legs. The wand toy when I’m in the mood. Catnip!! I LOVE pets as long as it’s where I like to be pet and for you to stop when I want you to stop – head and neck only!

Dislikes:  New people. Touching my butt, tummy area, feet – no, no.  Being pet when I don’t want to be. Blankets in your hand are very scary. Other cats. Loud sounds or sudden movements. Using your hands as a toy. Moving your hands anywhere near me too quickly.  Being picked up is VERY scary to me.

If you would like to come meet me, submit an application and we can set up a time to get to know each other. See you soon!!

Write up below thanks to Mrs. McDermott’s 2nd Grade Class and their Nonfiction Research Project.