Hello! My name is


Female46 lbs
Status Available to Adopt
  • Breed German Shepherd
  • Age 2yrs 1mos
  • Location In Foster Care
  • Color Black and Brown
  • Foster Eligible No

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Meet Misty

Hi!  I’m Misty

Are you the best friend I’ve been waiting for? Are you willing to be extra patient with me, and will you love and care for me so that I can begin to heal from my past, trust people and feel safe again? I am slowly coming out of my shell while living with my foster family, but I am still very nervous around large, tall men. I feel safer with women. I promise you that, once I’m comfortable, I will be the most fun, loving, faithful companion you’ve ever had!  (My foster mom is already head over heals in love with me after only 1 week!)

I don’t want to brag, but everyone thinks I am quite stunning. I have beautiful, soulful brown eyes and longish fur (I do shed some).  I’ve been described as elegant. I am most likely a Shepherd-Collie mix because I have a long, slender, wedge-shaped face.

I do love to fetch balls and play chase outside with my human and other dogs. You should see me trotting across the field…I am so graceful that I look like I’m performing at the Westminster Dog Show.  All my neighbors love me!  I run and play off leash with the other dogs in our park!  My foster mom is so glad that I don’t run away- I like to stay close to her.

My dream family will take me on lots of hikes. I love playing in the water when I go down to Rock Creek Park with my foster family.

I am a slow and picky eater. My fosters dress up my kibble with soft food, homemade food or a drizzle of bacon grease- one of those will usually do the trick. I am a slow-eater, so I have to eat separately from the dog I live with otherwise he will eat my food when he’s done eating.

I had some accidents when I first moved in with my foster family, but after 4 – 5 days I stopped peeing inside, and everyone is so happy with me.

The only time I bark is when I am protecting my mom from my foster dad cause I’m still nervous around men.   It might take me awhile before I’m comfortable living with a male. That said, I do get along with my foster cats and all the dogs I’ve met.