Hello! My name is


Female54 lbs
Status Available to Adopt
  • Breed Mixed Breed
  • Age 3yrs 3mos
  • Location In Regular Foster Care
  • Color Brown and White
  • Foster Eligible No

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Meet Maxine

Whew! What a ride these past few months have been. It was only at the end of May that I found myself in a rural shelter, alone, scared—and very pregnant. FOHA saved me in the nick of time; they got me into an emergency foster home, where I unexpectedly gave birth a week later!

That timeline wasn’t exactly what everyone was expecting, but what can I say—my three puppies and I knew when we were ready! I got to spend the next nine weeks in two awesome foster homes, devoting all my attention to nursing and taking care of my puppies so they could grow up well and find homes of their own.

Now that my puppies are weaned, I’ve just gotten settled back in my original foster home to finally have some “me time.” I now remember how fun playing and running around is—I’d almost forgotten during the whirlwind of the past two months! Fetch is a particular favorite of mine, and I enjoy walking on-leash (and have been told I do so quite politely). And of course tearing around my foster dad’s fenced yard is just a blast!

I don’t want to sound immodest, but I’ve also overheard my foster dad and some of my volunteer friends talk about how smart I am and how I will need mental stimulation and engagement in my home. It’s true that I’m pretty attuned to my environment, including the humans in it. I enjoy human company and interaction a lot and hope to find a home where I can be active and engaged with fun people and maybe even my own yard!
If it sounds like you might enjoy having me join your family, I would love to meet you! Please fill out an application and let them know you’re interested in me. My foster dad is at the ready to introduce me to my perfect forever family!