Hello! My name is

Jelly Bean

Male50 lbs
Status Available to Adopt
  • Breed Pit Bull Mix
  • Age 3yrs
  • Location At Shelter
  • Color Black and White
  • Foster Eligible No

Interested in adopting Jelly Bean?

Please review our Adoption Policies and complete a Pet Adoption Application

Meet Jelly Bean

Hi! I’m the sweetest Jelly Bean that’s ever been!

I’m also the happiest when we meet, I’ll immediately cover you with kisses. Then I’ll look up at you with my award winning smile. I’ll do anything to get closer to you to receive all your love. I’ll even jump on a bench to get closer to you.

I may be a low rider, but that won’t slow me down. I love a good adventure and I always want to know everything that’s going on.  

I’ll love treats – which means it’ll be easy to teach me new things! 

Submit an application so you can come out and let this Jelly Bean sweeten your life!

Jelly Bean's Medical Information

The FOHA Medical Team says I need to be neutered before my adoption can be finalized.  That doesn't mean I can't become a member of your family now.  Once the adoption application process is complete, my adoption will be considered a "Foster with Intent to Adopt".  That means I get to live with you and you will take me to one of FOHA’s approved partner veterinarians for my medical treatment. FOHA will financially cover the costs.  Once my treatment is completed, we will be able to finalize my adoption and I will be forever yours.