Hello! My name is


Male57 lbs
Status Available to Adopt
  • Breed Pit Bull
  • Age 5yrs
  • Location At Shelter
  • Color Brown and White
  • Foster Eligible No

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Meet Duke

I am the Duke of House FOHA, first of my name, lord of all tail wags and master of slobbery kisses. My name may manifest royalty, but this belies the sweetest, most fun-loving Pibble to ever grace your presence. I am surely more apt to make you happy and laugh like the court jester.

While as a Duke in name, I may seek to capture your heart, but first let me show you how easily I gently conquer our walk. With a comfy harness, I will stroll along the path for the easiest walk you have ever experienced. I know how to stop when a rest is needed, in fact, I try not to take my walks too seriously since I too love a few short breaks to stretch princely legs.
Dukes of past may have demonstrated prestige with massive armies, but I prefer the chivalry of an elegant sit while you give me a few nice pets. Surely, no army stands a chance against my smiling face. In fact, I walk very nicely next to other dogs as they do not seem to threaten my Pibble reign.
One thing that is sure to shock you is just how much I love the car, since I know it means we are marching henceforth to a new land. Open the door and I will climb in faster than a knight mounts his horse.
Royals of the past have sought to lead mythical kingdoms, whether Camelot, Middle-earth, or Westeros. The only court I seek to hold is a spot in your forever home. Adopt this Duke and no matter what life brings us, I will give you the love, affection and loyalty that any King or Queen deserves.