Hello! My name is


Male55 lbs
Status Pending Adoption
  • Breed Hound
  • Age 1yrs 1mos
  • Location At Shelter
  • Color White and Brown
  • Foster Eligible Yes

Lucky me!

I already have a pending adoption! Please take a look at some of my other friends who are still available for adoption.

Meet Cyrus

Hi there! I’m Cyrus, a hound dog with a heart of gold and a history that’s made me a bit cautious. You see, I’ve had a rough start in life, coming from a situation that wasn’t too kind to me. But despite all that, I’m a gentle soul seeking someone patient and loving to share my journey with.

I might seem shy at first, but it’s just me learning to trust the world around me. I need someone who understands that earning my trust takes time and a gentle approach. If you’re willing to give me the space and time I need, I promise to show you just how sweet and loving I can be.

I’m slowly discovering that being petted and touched by people isn’t so bad after all, though I’m still getting used to it. Treats are my weakness, but I might be a bit hesitant to take them directly from your hand. It’s all part of this learning process for me, you know?

I think I may do best in a quieter home, perhaps with another well-matched furry friend who can show me the ropes on being a dog. Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting some new furry friends here at the shelter. Everyone says I was extremely playful and social, without being pushy at all.  

Walking on a leash is new to me, but I’m starting to enjoy the adventure of sniffing around and exploring nature. There’s so much out there for a sweet hound dog like me to discover!  

I may be a bit afraid, but I assure you, I’m not at all aggressive. I’m just figuring things out at my own pace. With patience, love, and a gentle touch, I know I’ll blossom into the best companion anyone could ask for.