C Reaper sq

Hello! My name is

Carolina Reaper

Male7 lbs
Status Available to Adopt
  • Breed Domestic Medium Hair
  • Age 6mos
  • Location In Regular Foster Care
  • Color Black and White
  • Foster Eligible No

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Meet Carolina Reaper

Hey there, I’m Carolina Reaper (Reaper, for short).  I was found outside with my siblings and I was the “spiciest” of the bunch. My siblings and I have definitely been warming up to people since being rescued by FOHA and spending time in foster care. We’ve even spent some time in another foster (a vacation!) and proved just how much progress we’ve made.  Surprisingly, I’ve always been great about using my litter box.

I have come a long way in learning that people aren’t so bad, but I’m still wary.  I let my foster family pet me more often than when I first arrived at FOHA, and sometimes I rub against their legs to show them I am starting to trust them.  If I decide you’re not so bad, I’ll also come up to you for pets. I know that I have soft, luxurious fur, so tend to present my back and tail so you can pet me. I figure you want to feel the fluffiness, right? While it will take me time to warm up to new humans, I’m so worth it.

When it’s just me and my siblings, I love to chase them around and steal their toys. I have fun wrestling (as long as my sister, Banana, doesn’t get too rough) and love zoomies. If you keep an eye on me, chances are you’ll find me chasing my tail sometimes too. I have lots of toys I enjoy, but I really love those balls you can spin in a circle – the flat one with the scratcher in the middle and the tiered one! I also love my foster family’s cats. I will approach a cat even if a human is nearby because I’m so happy to see them.  I’m definitely looking for a home with a feline friend or two for me to play with. While I live with dogs, I could do without them.

One thing my foster discovered about me is that I love water! It’s so fun dipping my paw in my water bowl and splashing around. Funny, huh? I also enjoy spending time looking out the window. I’d make an excellent addition to your neighborhood watch. I also have a chirp-like meow that I use to get attention, and you might catch me sometimes just chattering to myself.

I have made good progress since being in foster care, but I need a family who understands that I’m still very cautious around humans. I would not do well with small children and sudden movements or something new will put me in flight or hide mode. While I’m not cuddly now, if you’re willing to work with me, I might be your very best friend one day.