Hello! My name is


Female62.4 lbs
Status Available to Adopt
  • Breed Pit Bull
  • Age 2yrs 5mos
  • Location At Shelter
  • Color Red/Mahogany/White
  • Foster Eligible Yes

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Meet Cardi

Hey there, I’m Cardi, and they call me the “Big Meatball of Love”! Just like the famous rapper Cardi B, I’ve got a big personality and an even bigger heart. Let me tell you a bit about myself.
**Verse 1: Social Butterfly** 🦋
I’m a social sensation, just like Cardi B on stage! I thrive when I’m with my furry friends, and I’m a pro at roughhousing and having a blast with them.
**Chorus: Love for All Ages** ❤️
People of all ages are my jam, just like Cardi B’s music is for everyone. Kids, adults, you name it – I’m a people-loving pup. Although, I must admit, I’m a bit of a whirlwind, and I’d hate to accidentally knock over the little ones.
**Hook: Leash Swagger** ⚡
When it’s time for a walk, I bring the same level of energy as Cardi B brings to the stage. I’m STRONG on the leash, and I’m ready to strut my stuff with you. Make sure you’ve got a sturdy leash because I’m ready to groove.
**Bridge: Playtime Party** 🎉
Playtime is my favorite jam, and I’m all about the toys. I can’t resist a good game of tug of war – it’s like my chart-topping hit! And the best part? You can reach into my mouth without a worry. I’m all play, no bite.
**Outro: The Big Meatball of Love** 🎤
Just like Cardi B, I’m a showstopper, and they call me the “Big Meatball of Love” for a reason. After a day of play and fun, I’m all about cuddling up with you on the couch and sharing some love.
**Looking for:** 🏡
I’m on the lookout for a forever home that can keep up with my star power. If you’re ready to welcome this canine diva into your life and let me serenade you with love and laughter, now’s the time!
Don’t wait because this Cardi is ready to bring some music to your heart. Come meet me today and let’s create our own hit together! 🐾🌟