blue 1

Hello! My name is


Male11 lbs
Status Pending Adoption
  • Breed Yorkie
  • Age 2yrs 1mos
  • Location At Shelter
  • Color Black and Tan
  • Foster Eligible No

Lucky me!

I already have a pending adoption! Please take a look at some of my other friends who are still available for adoption.

Meet Blue

Hi I’m Blue! 

I’m a cute little guy who will greet you happily with a wagging tail and a sniff. I like to give kisses and cuddles. 

I’m very loyal to my friends (both 2-legged and 4-legged) and feel it’s my duty to protect the ones I love most. I just need a good pack leader to take over and care for me instead so I can relax and enjoy life in a warm and welcoming home. 

I’m a sensitive guy, so I do prefer slower introductions and a gentle touch. Once I’ve warmed up to you, be prepared to have a life full of love and devotion.

I came to FOHA with my friend Coco. We can be adopted together or I can be your one and only.


Blue's Medical Information

The FOHA Medical Team says I need to have my skin issues clear up and be neutered before my adoption can be finalized.  That doesn't mean I can't become a member of your family now.  Once the adoption application process is complete, my adoption will be considered a "Foster with Intent to Adopt".  That means I get to live with you and you will take me to one of FOHA’s approved partner veterinarians for my medical treatment. FOHA will financially cover the costs.  Once my treatment is completed, we will be able to finalize my adoption and I will be forever yours.