Hello! My name is


Male7 lbs
Status Pending Adoption
  • Breed Domestic Longhair
  • Age 7mos
  • Location At Shelter
  • Color Black
  • Foster Eligible Yes

Lucky me!

I already have a pending adoption! Please take a look at some of my other friends who are still available for adoption.

Meet Binks

Hello, I’m Binks, a captivating feline with sleek black fur and enchanting golden eyes. You’ll still notice the charming white spot on my chest and the fluffy tufts behind my ears that give me a unique touch.

I can be quite shy when it comes to people. It takes time for me to trust and feel comfortable. I’m patiently waiting for my forever home, but I need someone who understands my timid nature and is willing to be patient with me. Much like Binks in “Hocus Pocus,” I may have an initial air of reserve, but beneath that, you’ll discover a loyal and affectionate companion who’s ready to share your magical journey.

While I may not have faced witches and spells, I’m ready to cast a spell of love and companionship on your heart. If you’re looking for a friend to provide a safe and loving space, just like the friendship between Binks and the kids in “Hocus Pocus,” I might be the perfect match for you. Let’s create our own enchanting story together.