Dandelion is enjoying life now, but just two short months ago, her future was uncertain. Dumped at a kill shelter in a county where pit bulls are banned, the  likelihood of Dandelion making it out alive was dim. Further lessening her chance of survival was her severe, painful skin condition which would be expensive to treat. In other words, Dandelion was in an almost hopeless situation. Enter a FOHA volunteer who couldn't look the other way.

Dandelion Before

When the volunteer went to see her, Dandelion's skin was a bleeding mess. How could she leave this little girl behind? Didn't this pup deserve a chance for a happy life after suffering so much in the mere six months she had been alive? Resolved to do the right thing, our volunteer whisked this pit bull puppy off to Caring Hands in Ashburn where she received the care she needed.


Dandy 3

After her condition stablized and she was feeling better, Dandelion's true personality started to shine through. A spunky pup with a lot of energy, Dandelion needed a break from being kenneled at the vet. She spent two weeks at Country Club Kennels healing, learning basic obedience, and having a grand old time playing with other dogs (including FOHA german shepherd Tara) and swimming in the pond (see picture below.) Dandelion is now back at the kennel ready for adoption!!. If you have a place in your heart and home for this little girl, please contact doginfo@foha.org.


Dandy Water

The recession hit us hard. People say the economy is rebounding, but we haven't seen this trend. Donations are still down significantly, and our medical costs have escalated. FOHA needs your help so that we can continue to save the lives of animals like Dandelion. Any donation, no matter how small, helps us continue in our mission to help abused, abandoned and neglected animals. Won't you please Donate today and help animals in need like Dandelion? 

Through the eyes of FOHA, Dandelion is A Crown of Stars~ A Wand of Wishes~ Springtime's Golden Wine and Promises.

Through the eyes of others, Dandelions are merely weeds to be destroyed.

Wishes to Live scatter hopelessly in a high kill shelter when you're a little pit bull with severe demodex.

FOHA, holding wands of wishes, hopes to sail winds of knowledge to scatter compassion for all breeds.

As if by Magic, Dandelion's Golden Crowns of Hair Appears~ And in Her Heart Appears The Wings of Lions Scattering Feathery Stars of Hope. ~anonymous volunteer

About FOHA: Friends of Homeless Animals, a no-kill shelter, was founded in 1973 by Judge Anne Lewis. We are located in Loudoun County, Virginia and serve the DC Metropolitan area. Our resident pets are welcome to stay as long as they need to in order to find their forever homes. We have a long-term village where our dogs who have been with us the longest have their own furnished, heated and air conditioned cottages. Our cats live in communal housing, not cages. For more information about our organization and our shelter, visit our homepage at http://www.foha.org.