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While the black cats at FOHA are safe and loved until they find their forever homes, it's true that black cats suffer the highest euthanasia rates in shelters. Black cats are about half as likely to be adopted as other cats. On average, they stay several months longer in shelters than any other cats. Why is this? Superstition. Less photogenic. Aren't as distinctive or colorful...albeit black cats are plentiful. To help showcase black cats for adoption, FOHA presents the "Black Cat Ball" -- these felines are dressed to impress....and they hope they impress upon you how loving and deserving of homes they truly are.

Black Cat Ball

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Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, female, adult - declawed

Watching from the corners of the cattery, the black panther named Mickey (that’s me) surveys the land. I’m quietly observing, waiting for the purr-fect adopter for a special girl like me. Observant as can be, I watch each new …