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Below is our list of Cats up for adoption sorted alphabetically. You can also use the alpha search below to sort through the different cats.


Black Cat Ball

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Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, female, adult

Reese is the perfect companion for snuggling, cat play and keeping your lap warm. She has a very sweet nature and could be called an affection sponge. Reese was raised with two sister cats in a home that took good care of their hea…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, male, senior   

Senior, handsome, social, inquisitive, seeks pets and head butts! These words describe Ribeye who is “new again” to the shelter. He was recently returned to FOHA through no fault of his own. He lived with his family for several years until family dynam…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, male, adult

The only boxing this Rocky is likely to do is sitting in an Amazon cardboard box. Yes, my name is Rocky, but I’m a lover, not a fighter. I adore being held in your arms for caresses and pets. One of the FOHA volunteers refers to me as “the…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, male, young

You can call me Ronald, Ronnie, or Ron – just call me yours! I’m an orange tabby cat with a silly, outgoing personality but a rather formal name – Ronald. Maybe my silly ways reminded someone of the hamburger-touting clown, Ronald, and hen…