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Black Cat Ball

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Up for Adoption

Domestic medium hair, female, young

I’m a princess waiting to be united with my family – I’m Anastasia. I had a family, having been adopted from FOHA as a kitten, but unfortunately severe allergies were an issue -- no, I'm not allergic to people, but one of my family memb…


Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, female, young

My name says it all – my name is Angel. I’m truly an angelic little girl, beautiful inside and out. I’m extremely gentle and sweet, and I’m ready to find my forever home.  Everyone loves my pink nose and my sassy purr-sonality. At the FO…

April - Courtesy listing

Up for Adoption

Domestic short hair, female, young - Courtesy listing, Special needs

I’m April, a special girl looking for someone special to love. I wandered into the lives of two longtime cat rescuers in April of 2018 (hence my name). They would love to keep me because I’m the most lov…