Status: Inactive

Breed: Pit Mix

Gender: Male

Weight: 50

Age: 1 year

One look at Panda illuminates the impetus for his name: though his fur is white and gray instead of white and black, said gray forms charming and distinctive patches over both of his eyes that are reminiscent of his larger namesake. The one-year-old, high-energy Panda greets visitors to his run with an endearing gaze, a wagging tail, and sometimes a verbal hello or two! While he is obviously strong, he walks pretty well on the leash and only tends to pull if he sees something that really excites him.

Panda has been an exuberant player with other dogs, employing both a boisterous style and considerable vocal accompaniment (i.e., a loud play growl). He’s enjoyed additionally meeting other dogs at off-site adoption events but seems particularly drawn to spending time with people. With them, hugs, kisses, leans, cuddles, affectionate leaps, and general enthusiastic affection are the way to go. Panda’s charm also includes an obliviousness to his size—this lovable boy has been known to find his way into the laps of nearby people (good fit or not) and remain there for as long as he’s allowed to! Juxtaposed with Panda’s youthful exuberance and energy is the shelter manager’s report that he has been relaxed and well-behaved during his indoor time spent in her office. If you’d like to meet this smart, affectionate, attentive boy, please fill out an application and ask to meet Panda when you come to visit FOHA!


This dog can only be adopted within the Washington D.C. metro area.

If you are interested in adopting a FOHA dog, please review our Adoption Policies and complete a Dog Adoption Application


Panda is sponsored by Stacey Gimbert:

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