Status: Inactive

Breed: Weimaraner Mix

Gender: Male

Weight: 52

Age: 3 years and 5 months

If you come to FOHA and pass by Jim's run, you'll likely be privy to his vocal canine version of, "Hello! Hi there! How are you? Nice to see you!" As is not atypical for the Weimaraner breed, Jim is often interested in chatting when he's not having his beloved people time. Once out of his run, Jim quiets right down and walks exceptionally well on the leash. He responds well to the “kissy” noise, almost always turning around to check in at the sound of it. This, perhaps, is because he likes giving kisses so much himself! If you sit on a bench and invite him up beside you, he is happy to oblige and offer your face gentle kisses of thanks. Jim’s general temperament is gentle, calm, and very sweet, though he is also playful sometimes and enjoys a good case of “the zoomies” in the play yard! He has enjoyed the company of other dogs at the shelter and played with them well in group settings. If you're looking for a canine companion with a beautiful appearance and highly endearing gaze and temperament, please fill out an application and come see if Jim may be your match!

This dog can only be adopted within the Washington D.C. metro area.

If you are interested in adopting a FOHA dog, please review our Adoption Policies and complete a Dog Adoption Application

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