Argent - Courtesy Listing

Argent - Courtesy Listing

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My daughter lives in Columbus, OH where she does cat rescue work. All ferals are trapped, neutered, and returned to where they are found. However, she takes friendly adoptable cats to area shelters. This is not ideal but she is fairly new to Columbus so does not have a network of friends. She came for a visit Thanksgiving and brought one adorable cat with her.

She named him Argent (means silver white). (I don’t think it suits him so feel free to rename him.) He is young, handsome, a bit mischievous, FIV/Felv negative, neutered, has had 2 distemper and a rabies vaccine, and is up to date on flea prevention. He is in need of a dental, which we will take care of. She has had him for 2 months, with the exception of 1 week when she placed him in a shelter but when they called to say they were euthanizing him because he wasn’t settling in, she went and picked him back up. She has two FIV+ cats so she can’t keep him.

Argent was found in a bad neighborhood in Columbus. He was skinny, covered in scabs from fleas, dirty, and not very friendly. At first he hid from her but now he is a real love. Several times he has gotten so excited about being loved that he’s fallen off the bed. He is a bit skittish until he feels at home.

This adorable little guy needs a family that will be patient with him and give him a chance. A family that knows cats. He had a very rough start to his short life and needs a warm loving home.

Please email me if you’d like to meet Argent.

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