Status: Up for Adoption

Breed: Domestic short hair

Gender: Female

Domestic short hair, female, adult - declawed

Watching from the corners of the cattery, the black panther named Mickey (that’s me) surveys the land. I’m quietly observing, waiting for the purr-fect adopter for a special girl like me. Observant as can be, I watch each new person who enters the FOHA communal cattery, looking for clues that this person is the one – the companion human I’ve been waiting to find me. Some entrants clearly seek out a boisterous, playful cat with kitten-like tendencies. Ah, that is not me. I’m more the quiet observer, the scientist who watches and analyzes. Some individuals want a cat who will approach them quickly, maybe jump up on their laps. No, that’s not my purr-sonality, either. I wait for you to notice me, then make my presence known with bright, watchful eyes. If I’m relaxed, you may see my front paws hang down from the cat condo or perch where I’m sitting. Ah, but don’t touch – I’m here to tempt you, but I don’t want you to pet my paws. What kind of silly feline would? No, we need to get to know each other first. You should earn my trust and ask if I’m welcoming pets first….and not be alarmed when I give you a clear message that that last pet was sufficient, thank you. You and I, we are the unique ones, the ones who don’t fit the mold. But we’re made for each other. I know you’re out there, purr-fect human companion, and I’m waiting for you.

Ready to adopt adorable me? Complete the FOHA online cat adoption application.

For more info, email adopt-a-cat@foha.org.

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- No Children Under 12 - No Children

Mickey's Wall

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