Status: Adopted

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat mix

Gender: Female

Norwegian Forest Cat mix, female, young - declawed

Who’s got a beautiful tail? It’s me, Abigail – see, I rhymed! I’m told I have a beautiful tail, face, fur, coat, coloring, nose, eyes – pretty much everything! I probably have some Norwegian Forest Cat in my ancestry and perhaps even some Persian, given my flatter than average face. My eyes are a bit weepy in my photo, but I’m feeling much better now, thank you – now that I’m at Friends of Homeless Animals. It’s hard to be supermodel gorgeous and find yourself homeless. But now I get an opportunity to find a forever family. You cannot see due to my long white fur on my paws, but I’m declawed (due to my prior family, not FOHA and certainly not my idea, for goodness’ sake). People seem to love my calico coat – mostly white, but you can certainly see the beautiful orange/tan and black/grey in my photo. You can also clearly see my pinky-pink nose, highlighted at the top with orange and black. I’m just settling in here at FOHA, but I hope my stay is short – not that this isn’t a lovely place. But I do so long to find a family to love me.

Ready to adopt adorable me? Complete the FOHA online cat adoption application.

For more info, email adopt-a-cat@foha.org.

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