Status: Inactive

Breed: Shepherd

Gender: Female

Weight: 38

Age: 2 years and 2 months

Have you heard about designer dogs? Puggles and Golden Doodles and Morkies? They are all basically mixed breeds that turned out super cute. Now, if you go by that standard, I should also be considered a designer breed. And while FOHA may not know exactly what breeds make up my mix, I am super adorable. I have ears like a shepherd, but they kind of flop along when I walk. I also have a long, slightly curly tail. And I also look like I might have a bit of lab in me. Personality wise -- I am very affectionate and also still very puppy like. I'm only 38 pounds, so I'm an excellent medium size -- not too big or too small. And while I'm energetic, I'm pretty good on the leash. I do, on occasion, stop to give you a few happy kisses, but who wouldn't love that, right?  Anyway, I'd love to meet you! So come on out to FOHA, so we can go on a walk together and get to know one another. 

This dog can only be adopted within the Washington D.C. metro area.

If you are interested in adopting a FOHA dog, please review our Adoption Policies and complete a Dog Adoption Application

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