Status: Inactive

Breed: Domestic short hair

Gender: Female

Domestic short hair, female, young

I’m a little princess who goes by the name of Queenie. I’m true royalty ready to grace my queendom with my gorgeous countenance and playful ways. That little red dot from the laser light – ah, my nemesis. Doesn’t that silly dot know that I’m the Queenie? Why doesn’t that dot let me catch it? Now, the catnip toys have gotten in line, letting their queen rule over them with kicks and licks. You’ll be surprised to view my kitten-like behavior when the toys come out since most of the time, I watch over my temporary queendom (the FOHA communal cattery) with such elegance and grace. Atop my throne (the sunniest windowsill I can find), I oversee my subjects (well, my other feline roommates). Yes, I live with a number of other cats, and while the queen enjoys her purr-sonal space, she certainly has no issue with sharing her human subjects with other friendly felines. Ready to add a royal to your family? All hail the queen—Queenie!

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For more info, email adopt-a-cat@foha.org.

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- No Children Under 12 - No Children

Queenie's Wall

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