Status: Inactive

Breed: Domestic long hair

Gender: Female

Domestic long hair, female, young

I’m told I’m quite the stunner. My name is Brandi, and I have the most luxurious long black fur. People tend to notice either my amazing coat or my slightly crossed eyes first when meeting me. Because my eyes don’t process things like other kitties, I can require a slow introduction. Should I hiss upon our first meeting, please don’t think me unkind—I’m just cautious. My favorite FOHA staff and volunteers know just how to approach me, and I’ve come to know their voices, scents, and presence. With those I’ve come to trust (and love), I’m a gentle girl who will take bits of cheese or other treats right off of their fingers. I enjoy being brushed, and when getting to know me, I encourage you to grab a favorite furry toy to rub against my face and ears. I’d probably do best in a cat-savvy home with another feline to keep me company. I tend to stand back and let other cats grab the attention, so if your lap-loving feline would like a companion who won’t monopolize you, I may be just the girl for you. I’d be a great best friend to your feline best friend and a beautiful addition to the right family.

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