Cheddar - Courtesy Listing

Cheddar - Courtesy Listing

Status: Adopted

Breed: Domestic short hair

Gender: Male

Domestic short hair, male, young (Courtesy Listing) 

I’m Cheddar, a young, handsome tabby cat who was found abandoned at just 3 weeks old in rural North Carolina. After bottle feeding and careful nursing by my North Carolina foster home, I made my way up to Northern Virginia to find a new home. I would very much like to be someone's lap cat. Perhaps because I was bottle fed, I bond very closely to my favorite person. I’d be the purr-fect addition to the home of a single person or couple who wants a super friendly lap cat. I much prefer the company of adults to children.  I’ve lived with a calm dog, so I wouldn’t mind sharing my person and my home with a dog….as long as s/he understands that I’m the ruler of the laps! I would sleep on your lap all day. I've never been around cats and since I really think I deserve all the attention I'd like to be your one and only feline friend! When not snuggling on laps, I love to play fetch with bottle caps and will return them to you as many times as you're willing to throw them. I am an expert hunter and catcher of any and all bugs (and mice!). Will snuggle for food, love to give kisses, and have a high-revving purring engine. I’m not at the FOHA cattery but, rather, I’m a courtesy listing. If you’re interested in meeting me, contact my friend Erin at .

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