Status: Adopted

Breed: Domestic short hair

Gender: Male

Domestic short hair, male, young

This Elmer hopes to adhere to your heart…and your side as a member of your household and beloved furry family member.  My name, Elmer, has a story behind it, and, yes, it is connected to that famous white adhesive you used in elementary school. You see, on one fall day, a skinny and frightened cat appeared on the porch of a woman who just happens to be an animal rescuer. That tired cat appeared to have tried blood all across his face, and he seemed to have a disability – his top lip was curled up to his face. A trip to the vet proved that what had really happened – that cat’s face was covered with dried glue, which was hindering him from being able to eat. That cat was me. Gently they cleaned me up and helped me to get better. It took me just a few weeks to heal (during which time I was also neutered). With my hearty appetite, I put on weight. Now you’d never know that I had had that really tough time. When you come out to FOHA to meet me, you’ll just find me relaxing on a kitty bed or condo. There, you can sit by me and give me pets….and more pets….and more pets. I truly know how to relax. You could learn a thing or two from my chilled out ways. I’m happy to share my space with other cats and would be fine in a multi-cat home. If you’re looking for a gentle soul to keep you company and join your family, look no further. I’ll cling to your side and your heart. I’m Elmer.

Ready to adopt adorable me? Complete the FOHA online cat adoption application.

For more info, email adopt-a-cat@foha.org.


Elmer is sponsored by Tim Beaudoin: In Memory of Oreo

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