Status: Adopted

Breed: Domestic short hair

Gender: Male

Domestic short hair, male, young

Lucky 21, lucky cat – I’m lucky because I’ve found my way to FOHA where I have a chance to find a loving adoptive home. You will be lucky and win the jackpot when you come meet me – BlackJack. Tell the dealer to hit me with another one – no, not another card. I want another pet, another snuggle, another cuddle. While not crazy about being picked up and carried, I do enjoy a scratch behind the ears. I’m a kitty who loves to be loved. I stand out in a crowd – sure, I’m a black cat (hence the name BlackJack) but I have the most unique white speckles through my fur. I enjoy playtime, pets, freshly dried laundry, full food bowls, my window kitty hammock, and ice cubes in my water dish – just a few of my favorite things. To be honest, I’m not that in to cards – games like BlackJack and Solitaire simply distract people from petting me! But for you, I’m willing to play and place my bets – I’m willing to wager love and affection in exchange for an adoptive home and family. Adopt me and you’ll be calling out “winner, winner, chicken dinner” – or tuna fish dinner….or catnip treat....

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- No Children Under 12 - No Children

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