Status: Up for Adoption

Breed: Pointer mix

Gender: Male

Weight: 79

Age: 6 years and 10 months

Jango is practically the definition of “overlooked” at FOHA, and his extended tenure at the shelter is truly a mystery to those who know him. Despite how handsome he is, he has been known to not show well in his run, often lowering his head and looking uninvitingly at passersby. This, however, is no indication of his true disposition: Jango is sensitive, playful, well-behaved, and affectionate. He is also a deeply loyal companion who bonds strongly with his family. He can thus be protective, so care should be taken in introducing him to strangers coming into his home.

Jango can be selective about the canine company he keeps, but he has gotten along with many dogs when he is properly introduced. Though he’s not a puppy anymore, he still has a lot of energy and loves his walks and time chasing toys in the play yard. Smart, attentive, and food-motivated, Jango knows “Sit” and will likely be easily trainable. If you’re ready to bestow upon him the time, care, and attention Jango needs, he will reward you with unending loyalty and companionship!

Jango would do best in a home with an experienced owner and as an only dog.

This dog can only be adopted within the Washington D.C. metro area.

If you are interested in adopting a FOHA dog, please review our Adoption Policies and complete a Dog Adoption Application


Jango is sponsored by Rob and Tracy Mock. 

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