Status: Inactive

Breed: Domestic short hair

Gender: Male

Special Needs: diabetic

Domestic short hair, male, adult

Aren't I quite the cutie? I'm a sweet little boy named Georgie. I'm a special boy who needs an especially loving home. The way I came to live at Friends is an interesting story, which all began with me joining up with some other homeless cats in a feral colony. But our caregiver quickly learned that I'm not feral at all - just a stray boy looking for love. OH, and belly rubs! I LOVE belly rubs! I also like to be held like a baby. I also like to chat - I'm quiet the chatty cat, in fact. That almost rhymes - te-he! I'm awfully funny to boot. I mean, seriously, a cat who LOVES to get his belly rubbed - perhaps I've spent a bit of time with a dog or two in my past. Now, you might not notice all those unique things about me upon first meeting - or even second or third. I can take a while to warm up to a person. That's what happens when you live on the streets -- you become a little cautious. The other thing you should know about me is that I was recently diagnosed as diabetic. The volunteers at FOHA took me for blood work when I started to lose weight, and that's when they discovered it. So I'll need an adoptive home that can help monitor my glucose, which may include prescription food and/or insulin shots. They're easy to give, though, promise. Just a little pin prick, really, and since they are administered when a kitty is eating -- for good canned food, trust me, I won't mind! Can you give a special boy like me a chance?

If you’re interested in adopting me or one of the other fabulous felines at FOHA, complete FOHA's online cat adoption application.

For more information about me, or about FOHA's adoption process, contact my volunteer friends at 703-385-0224 or


Georgie is sponsored by Caroleigh Karlsson and Jane Lamplighter.

Thank you to our amazing Treasure Hound customers and FOHA supporters for donating funds towards Georgie's insulin and needles for his diabetes for a whole year! 

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